Yify Proxy and Mirror Sites-Unblock Yify Stream Site 2018

It’s not practically possible to watch all the movies in the theater. For movie lovers who wish to watch at least one movie in a day, it becomes very expensive. Also if you wish to watch a TV series episode and you want to watch it later in HD and can’t afford a Netflix connection or maybe its just not uploaded there. Torrent sites come to the rescue and fulfill the wishes of video viewers. You must check the Yify proxy list here.

Yify Proxy

Yify Proxy

If you are a regular torrent user you must have had heard of Kickass torrents, Torrents, and Yify. But nowadays due to legal pressures, these sites are blocked in many locations. But we have a magic solution to the access. Especially for Yify lovers, we have Yify proxy. Yify was basically a very popular digital piracy group, and it became so popular among its fans that it started its own torrent site. After the Launch of Yify movie lovers stopped visiting any other torrent sites. Yify subtitles helped users watching movies and TV series of different countries.

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Why was exactly Yify brought down?

It’s strange that why a popular site like Yify could be banned. But it was suddenly shut down last year because the Hollywood people traced the owner and they charged a case against him in New Zealand on account of copyright infringement. However, the case got settled out of the court. Both sides sorted the matter privately. Finally, the identity of the owner was revealed and the site got closed due to legal pressure.

Yify Proxy Sites

As a brutal reaction to the aforesaid action, Yify proxy sight came into existence. These sites came into presence immediately after closure of the original website, due to much demand amongst the followers.  These sites act as a mirror or clone to the original sites. These sites are getting traffics in thousands on daily basis.  Although, the news is spread that these sites are created by the original Yify Team. However, the former Yify’s operators are bluntly declining of having any association with the Mirror or clone sites.

For the understanding of the users who are not accustomed to the word proxy, we would like to explain in it layman language. In simple terms, Proxy sites which are referred here are websites which simply Use a different server in order to hide your IP address and gives access to the blocked sites. However, mirror or clone sites are those sites which contain contents from the original sites and have a similar design, interface, and functionality.

Yify Stream: Proxy & Mirror Sites

If you wish to watch all the movies in full HD version and you are almost missing your Yifyi. There is good news for you; you can try using Yts.ag (the main Yifyi mirror site). In case if you have any problem in reaching to this site, due to geographical restrictions, you can try using any of the following Yifyi or Yts proxy and mirror sites, This combination will give you the results as good as the original. Kickass proxy is sites are also very popular at locations where kickass torrent is blocked.

You can use Yts Hindi for Yify Bollywood movies download.








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Few Other options for Reliable Torrent sites

If you are not satisfied with the Yify proxy site’s collection, we are sharing a list of other sites also which are up and running. Some popular sites are The Pirate Bays proxy, RARBG, 1337X, and most popular one is of course BitTorrent.

Bottom Line and Precautions

  • Always remember to use only VPN network for using a cloned proxy site. This is very important for the safety of your IP Address and Device. Some of the suggested VPNs are PUREVPN, IPVanish, and Express VPN etc.
  • Also get a latest updated anti-virus installed on your device to save it from any probable risk of viruses.

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