Yahoo View Review: A Video On Demand Service

It came as a shock to many when Hulu took the decision of ending its free plan. Hulu is basically an online streaming site. Now, the ardent followers thought that it would be difficult for them to find an alternative for the same. They thought that it would be difficult for them to catch up on the new episodes of their favorite shows. Yahoo View came as a silver lining for them.

Yahoo View

Yahoo View

If you are a Hulu fan then you might be surprised to know that Yahoo View is a joint venture by Hulu and Yahoo. Hulu took this major step as it didn’t want to let go off their audience. Yahoo View is not the first attempt by the Company to provide the video on demand service. Earlier the service that was started was by the name Yahoo! Video. Soon after its release, the service was re-branded resulting in a change in title as “Yahoo! Screen”. Due to lack of acclamation, it was shut down. At last Yahoo! View came in to picture. You can check Yahoo view anime, yahoo funny videos, and much more.

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What type of Content is available on Yahoo View?

On Yahoo View, you can watch your favorite shows that are telecast on popular networks. These networks include FOX, NBC, and ABC. You can watch them just eight days after their original telecast. There are thousands of TV shows, movies, anime, and Latino content and Korean drama available on the site. Some of the popular titles on the site are Shark Tank, Scandal, Empire, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and more. The site is great to watch TV free stream.

Another interesting fact about the site is that it is tied into a popular blogging platform i.e. Tumblr. Tumblr is known for a number of TV fandoms. Here, the users blog and reblog various types of content including GIFs and photos. Now, it is easy for you to move to Tumblr while watching your favorite show. For the anime lovers, there is a good collection of anime series. The categories on Yahoo View include Romance, Horror, Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, and Action. You can download yahoo video online too.

Yahoo View’s Interface

Yahoo TV apps

The Yahoo View interface is clean with a vibrant purple and white combination. On the homepage at the top section itself, you will be able to see the search bar. Just type the name of the show or movie you wish to watch and tap on the enter button. For easy access, the categories are available as different tabs. These tabs have title Drama, Movies, Comedy, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and Anime.

When you scroll down you can view another set of categories. For each category, 5 to 8 different videos are shown in title format. These categories are Popular shows, Recent episodes, Recent Clips, and Top picks for me.

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Availability and Device Support

You can watch the shows on Yahoo TV apps. As the application is available for Yahoo view Android and iPhone. We hope that the site expands its support for different devices. Right now the site is only available in the U.S. but you can use the VPN service for the same.

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