5 Best TeamViewer Alternatives for Linux, iOS, & Windows

If you are a technical person you might have heard or used TeamViewer. When someone asks something and you have to explain it on phone it becomes annoying. You are unable to convey what you are actually mean. This is the reason people prefer using remote desktop access apps. TeamViewer is one such app but with limitations. So you need TeamViewer alternatives.

TeamViewer Alternatives

TeamViewer Alternatives

Remote Desktop Programs provide an amazing way to control files on the desktop. TeamViewer being one such program allows two computers interaction. Here, the user can view other system’s desktop as if it is locally used by him. Now, for such access, you need to use apps that are secure. TeamViewer lacks this important feature. Users are not completely satisfied by even the image quality of this application. This makes it necessary for you look out for best free TeamViewer alternative.

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Join.Me is the best TeamViewer alternative that has versatile features. The software was developed by LogMeIn. By using this tool multiple people from different locations can connect to each other at the same time. If you are an iOS user then this one is the best TeamViewer alternative Mac. You can customize your personalized URL as well as the meeting background. The software has many interesting features like remote control, recording, scheduling, and one-click meeting. If you go for paid version then the participant capacity supported by it is 250.

Best TeamViewer Alternative

Real VNC

If you are looking for TeamViewer alternatives free then this software is apt for you. This software contains client and server application for the virtual network computing protocol. These applications are used to access other person desktop screen. It has various features like file transfer, VNC authentication, remote control, collaboration tools, file transfer, and more. Along with TeamViewer alternative Linux, it is also available for UNIX, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Windows, and more.

TeamViewer Alternatives Free

Ammyy Admin

Ammyy is interesting remote desktop software that offers remote management through the desktop connection. The software is more suitable for larger companies. Through remote access, you will be able to manage servers and networks. Your system will be completely protected as for each user unique ID will be created. You can also use this program for presentations or distance learning. It is better than other remote access tools due to its simple operation. Users won’t have to download large software instead it is a small executable file.

TeamViewer Alternative Mac


Mikogo has to be your first choice if you are into business. For using Mikogo you won’t have to download software. You can access this tool using your browser that too without plugin installation. This feature makes it more suitable alternative of TeamViewer.  This cross-browser tool will make it easier for you to conduct meetings. Some of its popular features are file transfer, swap presenter, and multi-user whiteboard. Mikogo supports browsers in iPhone, PC, Mac, iPad, Linux, and Android devices. Although you will have to pay a certain amount for accessing it the features make it worth buying.

Best Free TeamViewer Alternative

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Ultra VNC

Ultra VNC is TeamViewer alternative open source. The tool uses VNC as its base technology. It is available free of cost and is an excellent alternative for Windows users. Once you establish the connection you can easily transfer files. You can transfer files in an uncomplicated way. It provides extensive configuration possibilities to both clients and server components.

Remote Desktop Software

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