5 Pokevision Alternatives and Replacement

Pokemon Go is a game that involves searching for Pokemon and catching them. Now, to search them you need a locator or tracker. Pokevision is one of the most popular trackers used by the gamers. With the help of Niantic API, it tracks the location of all the Pokemon near you. After tracking they are displayed on the map in real-time. If you are looking for better options then you must check the Pokevision alternatives 2018 that are listed in the article.

Pokevision alternatives

Pokevision Alternatives

There are different methods used to track the location of Pokemon. You can click anywhere on the map to drop a marker for the location. After that, you will have to press the scan button to find the Pokemon that are nearby. Another method involves entering your location using the search bar. Again you will have to scan to view the Pokemon nearby. Just check these alternatives and find Pokemon on the map easily.

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Poke Eye

Poke Eye is a simple Pokemon tracker that helps you find them easily. You can use the map without signing up or any sort of membership. You just need to tap on an area to start scanning it. Change the scan radium by using the enlarge icon that appears near the scanner button. It has an in-built Pokedex function that helps you get the basic information about the Pokemon by just tapping on it. If you want to interact with other gamers around you then use the chat option. Remember, you can only chat with people in the radius set by you.


PokeMesh is a tool that you can use as a Pokevision replacement too. Its unique features makes it a must-have for all the Pokemon Go lovers. Using the map you can even find the Pokemon that are hidden. You won’t have to open the app or site again and again. Once it detects a Pokemon, a push notification will be sent to you. The time at which the Pokemon will disappear will be displayed on the map. If you love a specific Pokemon then make the setting so that to receive notification for that one.


PokeFinder is basically an online community. It is precisely built by using a curated map. Its unique feature allows you to view the Pokemon that are being caught recently. If you want to begin with a new Pokemon sighting then you will have to double-click on the map. If you want to get access to its unique features that are accessible online then log in through your Google account. Other then the website you can even use the PokeFinder app.


PokemonOnMap is a form of Pokemon tracker that helps you find the Pokemon in real-time. This means you will get all the latest results on the site. This is really helpful as you will get to know about the change in place of the Pokemon quickly. This will save your time in finding them. The only drawback of this site is that there is no application associated with it. You can only access its service from the website.

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Poke Alert

Poke Alert is an app specifically designed for the iOS devices. You will be able to find some of the rarest pokemon using this application. This feature is not easy to find in any of the Pokevision alternatives. Pokemon Go lovers use this app a lot. Even if the Pokemon tries to hide the app is going to help you trace it easily.

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