5 Best iOS Emulator for Windows that Run iOS Apps

Do you love the applications that are available on iPhone? The iPhones are costly and everyone cannot afford such a phone. So for using these apps, you need an emulator. These emulators will provide you easy access to the iOS apps. We have listed some of the best iOS emulator for Windows. Now, you won’t have to visit multiple sites to run iOS apps. Read the complete article to know about them.

iOS Emulator for Windows

iOS Emulator for Windows

Before proceeding towards the list, you must know about the iOS emulator. An emulator is a software that allows one program written for one computer to be reused on other computers.  In other words, the host computer system behaves like a guest operating system. When you are going to run an iOS emulator on windows it would behave like an iOS device. These emulators help the developers in testing the compatibility of the software with different devices.

iOS Emulator Windows

There are various advantages of using an iOS emulator.

  • They help in testing the various applications during the development process.
  • Users can experience the look and feel of the actual device. This helps them in deciding where they should opt for an iOS device or not.
  • You can run an emulator on multiple devices.


The iPadian is a software program that works on PCs. When you install this app your PC will display an alternative desktop that looks like iPad screen. It is more of an emulator then simulator. This is an iOS emulator for windows with app store so you can search your favorite apps on this application. You will have to first install the Adobe Air platform before installing this application. This application won’t work as iPadian iPhone emulator.

iPadian iPhone Emulator

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MobiOne Studio

MobiOne perfectly works as an iOS emulator for Windows 10 and previous versions. Users can emulate iOS apps as well as develop them. The app was launched in 2009 and still counts as the most versatile app.  You can even customize the user interface for landscape and portrait orientations. There is a common text messaging feature in it that allows the user to transfer apps between the devices.

Free iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone is amongst the top programs that provide realistic emulation effects. Earlier the app was used for making and receiving calls. When BT acquired the app from Ribbit this facility was taken down. The app recreates the GUI of selected iOS on the windows platform. This app is extremely useful for the developers who want to test their applications. They can upload their application on Air iPhone emulator.

Air iPhone Emulator


Smartface is a free iOS emulator. You will have to install the application on host device through the app store. Once the installation is complete connect the host device with the windows system. Make sure you have iTunes on your windows device. iTunes will help in syncing both the devices. After the synchronization developers can develop applications through Smartface. The emulator works efficiently with Android platform too.

iOS Emulator for Windows 10

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iPhone Simulator

iPhone simulator provides a brilliant interface to the user. You can access some of the most popular apps of iPhone like notepad, calculator, clock, etc. This has to be your first choice when it comes to ease of use. If just want to experience the iOS environment you can use this app. This free iPhone emulator has its own limitations like it doesn’t support debugging.

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