How to Create Drop Down List in Excel (2010/2016/2007)

Excel drop-down list shows a list of options to the user. The user can select an option from the list. There are many advantages of using a drop-down list in Excel. The options in the list give a clue to the user about the values that are allowed. Here you can learn how to create drop down in Excel in simple steps. Also, check Excel edit drop down list for more options.

How to Create Drop Down List in Excel

How to Create Drop Down List in Excel

The benefits of using a drop-down in Excel are:

  • Drop down list reduces the typos that users often make. Typos are the typographical errors.
  • With drop-down menus, the user can place important content above the fold.
  • Improves the design and layout.
  • The document looks more professional with the use of the drop-down list.
  • It’s always better to select an option than typing one in the cell.
  • You can make the drop down list dynamic by adding entries from different workbook cells.

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How to Create Drop Down in Excel

The drop-down list is a data entry tool. In Excel application, there is a data validation feature for adding this list. Thus, the user will enter only valid data. Excel allows the user to change the formatting of the drop down. For example- An online form for examination has the examination centers option. If the user doesn’t read the instructions properly, an invalid location might be entered. Adding a drop-down will help in the selection of valid centers.

How to Create Drop Down List in Excel 2016

  • Open the Microsoft Excel sheet. You can open an existing sheet or a new one.
  • Enter a list of item in the cells. Make sure you add one item to each cell. The list should appear in the same column. For example, If you add the first item to the B1 cell, the other items should be in B2, and so on.
  • Now, select the cells that contain the items.

How to Create Drop Down in Excel

  • Right-click after selecting all the cells. Select the “Define Name” option.
  • On the pop-up window, the first field is for the name. Enter a name for the drop-down list. For example- If the list contains items like Delhi and Jaipur, enter “City”.
  • Click on the cell on which you want the drop down to appear.

Excel Edit Drop Down List

  • On the “Data” menu tap “Data Validation”.
  • Select the List option for “Allow”.
  • Add an equal to sign and name of the drop down to the source field.
  • Place check marks on “Ignore blank” and “In-cell dropdown” box.
  • Click on ok for creating the drop down in Excel.

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How to Create Drop Down List in Excel 2010

Want to know How to Create Drop Down List in Excel? Follow these steps:

  • Open the Excel file and tap on a new sheet.
  • In the cells enter the name of the items you wish to create drop down for. Make sure the items appear in the same column.
  • Select the cells with items.
  • On the Excel formula bar, enter a name for the drop down. The name should describe the items.

Drop Down in Excel

  • Tap on a blank cell on which you want to display the drop-down list.
  • Tap on the “Data Validation” tool. On the data validation window, select the list option. By default, the drop down will display “Any Value”.
  • Enter an appropriate source and press the ok button.

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