How to Clear Cookies on Mac (Chrome/Safari)

Cookies is a data that website stores on the user’s browser. When you visit the same site again this data is sent back to the website. Thus, it gives all the information from user’s last visit. These files are extremely useful. They help in storing the username or preferences of the user. Tracking your visit a particular site also helps in showing the particular type of ads on the site. Learn how to clear cookies on Mac by using the following steps. You can easily clear cookies on Mac by reading the article.

How to Clear Cookies on Mac

How to Clear Cookies on Mac?

Mac supports a variety of browsers.  There are different of clearing cookies based on the browser you use. Browsers store cookies for a really long time. Especially, the tracking cookies are stored until they expire. You should often clear the cookies and cache files on your browser. Sometimes this simple step solves a lot of issues. For example- If your browser functions slowly delete cookies. You will be able to see the result immediately. The pages of the website will load at a much faster speed.

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Clear Cookies on MacBook

There are certain benefits of clearing cookies:

  • Increase in Speed and Performance: Regular internet usage leads to building a huge amount of cache and cookies. This affects the performance and speed of the browser. So once you clear these files, the speed automatically increases.
  • View Updated Pages: If you keep revisiting a site, the browser picks up data from the cache and cookies. Thus, you won’t be able to see the updates on a site. Once you clear the files, the browser will have to start from the beginning. This results in updated pages.
  • Security: People use public computers too. The cookies and cache files may reveal a lot about you. Clearing these files will protect your privacy.
  • Fixing Errors: There are certain browser-related errors that can be solved by clearing cookies and cache.

How to Clear Cookies on Mac Safari

  • Open Safari and click on “Safari” menu.

Clear Cookies on Mac

  • On the drop-down sub-menu, click “Preferences” to open its window.
  • Click on “Privacy” and scroll through the page to find “Manage Website Data”.
  • On the manage website data page, you can manually delete cookies. The Remove now button on the page will help in deletion of the cookies.
  • If you want to delete all the files together, click on “Remove All”. This will clear cookies on Mac Safari.

How to Clear Cookies on Mac Chrome

  • Open Chrome on Mac.
  • Tap on Chrome option on the menu bar.
  • From the drop-down menus, select clear browsing data.
  • On the browsing data window, select a time frame.
  • Tick the checkbox for cookies and press the clear data button.

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How to Clear Cookies on Mac Firefox

  • Open Firefox on the Mac device.

How to Clear Cookies on Mac Firefox

  • From the menu bar, select the “History” menu.
  • Now, open the clear recent history page.
  • Click on the down arrow for “Time range to clear”. Select the range for which you want to delete cookies.
  • Make sure you check the box for cookies. Once you press the “Clear Now” button the process will be complete.

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