How to Clear Cache in Chrome Browser (Windows 7/Windows 8)

Google Chrome is a freeware browser. The browser is one of the most popular browsers. When you visit different sites or perform browsing the browser keeps a record of it. There is a temporary storage location on your device called browser cache. If you want to know how to clear cache in Chrome you can learn the same by following the steps given in the article. The steps for deleting cache on Chrome are easy to follow.

How to Clear Cache in Chrome

How to Clear Cache in Chrome

When you visit a site, certain elements like HTML files and other elements are stored in the cache. Cache helps in loading the page at a faster rate. If you face webpage problems, then the first thing you do is clear cache. For Example- When you visit a website, the browser will store its webpage elements in the cache. When you visit the site again, the browser will fetch the elements from the cache. But when there are updates made on the website sometimes doesn’t load new elements. In such cases, you need to remove cache from Chrome.

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How to Clear the Browser Cache in Chrome

If you want to clear cache on Chrome follow these steps:

  • First, open the Google Chrome browser on your device. The browser has a sphere like an icon that has green, blue, yellow, and red color.
  • On the top right corner of the window, you will an option with three vertical dots. Click on the option.
  • A drop-down menu will open with options like New Tab, New Window, and more. Move your cursor to the “More Tools” just below the Find option.

Deleting Cache on Chrome

  • A new set of options in the form of the pop-out menu will appear. Click on “Clear Browsing Data”. Alternatively, you can even use your keyboard and press “CTRL”+ ”Shift”+ ”Delete” keys.
  • The Clear Browsing Data window will open.
  • On the upper-left corner, you will find the Basic tab. Tap on the Basic tab. If you want to delete the browsers website settings use “Advanced Tab”.
  • Now, select the time range for which you want to Chrome Delete Cache. There are different options in the drop-down menu like Last hour, Last 24 hours, and more. Click on “All time” to clear all the cached files.
  • Just below the Cookies and other site data, there is a Cached images and files option. Check the box in front of this option to remove cache from chrome. If you want to clear the Chrome’s settings for a webpage, check the cookies option too.

Chrome Clear Cache

  • There is a Clear data option next to cancel button. The button is blue in color. Tap on it.
  • If you even checked the “Cookies and other site data” box, the browser clears all versions of web pages. The browser will sign you out of your accounts too. The next time you visit the sites, the page will load as a new one.

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Chrome Clear Cache

It’s always a good idea to delete the cache files from Google Chrome. The cache files are stored on hard drive. Storing the data on the hard drive can be a privacy issue for some users. We have simplified the steps on How to Clear Cache in Chrome for the users to understand easily. The result will be Chrome Cache Clear.

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