Fixd Reviews: Best Car Diagnostic Tool

Are you looking for tools that can convert your car into a smart car? FIXD is the tool that will help you understand your vehicle very well. With FIXD you can monitor your car health and you can keep track on its maintenance. Not only this, FIXD can translate all the technical and mechanical terms into a simple and understandable terms.

FIXD Reviews

What is FIXD?

FIXD is a diagnostic tool that let you monitor your car health and condition. With FIXD, you can safely monitor your vehicle’s health that comes with FIXD sensor and FIXD App. The FIXD App is compatible with Android devices and iOS devices, whereas the user must plug the FIXD sensor into his or her vehicle. In a FIXD platform, you will get,

  • FIXD App: With FIXD Mobile App, the user can communicate with FIXD sensor. With this you can easily understand the conditions of your car.

Fixd Review

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  • FIXD Sensor: The user need to plug the FIXD sensor to your OBD II port of your vehicle which is located below the steering wheel. The FIXD sensor sends the data and information to the FIXD App.
  • Easy Installation: While setting up the FIXD tool, the user does not require to have any technical information and techniques. The connection of FIXD sensor and App is wireless and installation of app is also very easy.
  • Control Multiple Vehicle: With FIXD App, you can control multiple vehicles as the FIXD mobile app allows the user to check the condition and status of every vehicle and car via its app.
  • Customer Support: FIXD offers wonderful customer service and 24*7 customer support.

FIXD Specification

  • Vehicle Know-How: The user can check the previous details and vehicle’s history using FIXD. The problems occur, the condition of your car, and other aspects arises in past.
  • Engine Light: As soon as the problem occurs in the vehicle, the engine light of the car will lighten up. The lighting of the engine indicates the occurrence of any problem.
  • Control Multiple Car: With Fixd, the user can monitor the status of all his or her vehicles.
  • Maintenance Reminder: With FIXD app, the user will get the information about its maintenance due. The user will get the notification whenever the vehicle needs any sort of maintenance.
  • Monitor your Vehicle: With FIXD, the user can monitor your vehicle and will send you notification whenever the user finds any problem in the car.
  • Wireless connectivity: The connection between the app and sensor is wireless. The user can connect with the smartphone using Bluetooth.
  • Mileage Recorder: Using FIXD, the user will get the detail about the total mileage covered by the vehicle.
  • No Charging Required: No need to charge the battery as the FIXD sensor uses the Vehicle’s energy to charge its battery.

FIXD App Review

Final Wordings

With FIXD, the user can connect with the device using remote. He or she can monitor the status of his or her car remotely. To access FIXD, the user must install the FIXD App and connect the sensor with the app. FIXD also translates the technical language into an understandable and simple words.

  • 24*7 customer support
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • No shipping cost, if the user buys the product from its website.

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