5 Best Root Apps for Android Free (2018)

Do you want complete access to your Android phone? For this, you will have to root your phone. This will open up a world with full of new possibilities. Rooting an Android device is similar to what jailbreaking does to iPhone. You will be able to access the phone’s sub-system. This will allow you to customize anything on your Android device. Here, we have listed best root apps for Android.

Best root apps for android

Best root apps for Android

If you are planning to root your phone then make sure you backup your device. Android phones have certain restrictions set on their devices. You can even pass these restrictions by rooting your phone. On some devices, rooting enables the previously disabled settings. There are additional benefits of rooting too. These include installation of specialized tools or custom ROMs. All these features help in improving your phone’s performance. There are a lot of rooted apps but we have listed the best one for you. You can check the android root apps download free.

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Titanium Backup

We have a lot of data on our mobile phones. This includes contacts, photos, videos, and other files. So it is important for you to back up the data on your device. Are you are looking for best root apps for Android? Titanium backup is one of the best rooted apps for Android. It allows you to remove unnecessary apps from your device that are pre-installed on the device. You can back up the applications and its data using this app. There is a free and paid version of this app available on the Google Play Store.

Android Root Apps Download Free


Do you want to improve your phone’s battery life? These days’ people have the habit of continuously using their phone that too with an internet connection. This consumes a lot of battery. Greenify is one of the best apps in the rooted apps market. Greenify will provide a good battery backup to your device. You can even use the hibernate option for apps running in the background to save the battery life. This app was also listed in the best root apps 2017.

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Xposed Framework

You might have heard about the term custom ROMs. This app allows the user to bring their phone to a new customization level. Custom ROMs involves the use of various geeky processes. Thus, users are less interested in installing this app. If you think of top rooted apps for Android then Xposed Framework has to be on the list. You can customize the phone to the fullest. It has different modules like UI customization, theming, performance tweaks, and button remapping.

top rooted apps for android


When you connect different audio devices to your phone, you cannot change their settings individually. This is not possible on the normal Android devices. But Viper4Android is one of the best root apps for Android free download. This app is going to be your Android audio lab. There is an audio driver that adds beauty to the sound on your phone. You can add additional effects and experience an altogether new horizon of audio hearing.

best rooted apps for android

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GL Tools

GL Tools is one of the best rooted apps for android phones. If you are a gaming buff then you are going to love this app. Gamers face the issue of the slow rendering of the graphics while playing heavy games. After installing the GL tools you will be able to enjoy high-end games. The application is going to boost your gaming performance by a large margin.

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